Auditions for any potential new ringers will be for three weeks this spring.  We will be preparing for the Handbell Musicians Festival in Rochester and will be working on music for that.  You are invited to come and join in with us while we learn the music.  Your audition will include rehearsing the music with us and an interview with Marilee after.  Please pick one of the following dates to come and join us:   Thursday, May 17,  Thursday, May 24, Thursday, May 31,  from 5:15 – 6:45 PM at First Lutheran Church, 615 W 5th Street, Red Wing.   Continue reading below and get in touch with us.   We will also hold auditions in the fall – date to be determined.

BoB Audition Information     Print this – fill it out and bring it with you to auditions.

Bells of the Bluffs is always interested in ringers who would like to try out for this amazing group. If you are not able to come to our group audition or would like to try out earlier, send  me an e mail at  or call me at 651-808-4589.

We welcome both men and women and are looking for people who love to ring in any position or have a favorite.  Come on and give us a try.  Members come to be a part of BoB from Minneapolis, Hastings, Hampton, Prescott and Red Wing.  Our member from Minneapolis says she enjoys the beautiful farm country and the transition from city to country each week and it gives her a sense of calm and peace of mind.   We would love to see ringers from the Rochester and surrounding area.  Check us out!!!!!

Membership in Bells of the Bluffs provides ringers the opportunity increase their handbell ringing skills and contribute to the ensemble’s growth, development and recognition in the handbell world.

Good ringing skills are essential to being a member of the ensemble.

Commitment, positive attitude and aptitude are required to be a part of the ensemble.


Here are some comments from our ringers and why they auditioned:  

“I have been playing handbells with my church group has always been a joy, but I was ready for something a bit more challenging. Bells of the Bluffs has allowed me to play more difficult music and expand my skills as a handbell ringer. I absolutely love it!! ”    Robyn Keyport (Prescott)

“I decided to audition for Bells of the Bluffs because I loved their sound, their passion for the music and their open, friendly approach to sharing their talents — and because I wanted a new musical challenge. My two years with the group have been enormous fun, full of shared learning, caring for each other and making all types of beautiful music together. Handbells have been a great addition to my experience with organ, piano and French horn. There’s so much to learn and it’s a great feeling to work together as an ensemble.”        Cynthia Clanton  (Hampton)

“My initial draw was Marilee’s directing. Our paths had crossed over the years and I believed this would be a great experience. Along with that was the opportunity to again be part of a group with a broader community mission and–the treat–one that was just forming its identity and repertoire. Last year was quite special being a part of this group’s growth. This year, the fun continues. And the miles melt on my return trip home across country roads following each rehearsal because my head is filled with the music we’ve made together. Life is good.”     Lori Oleson (Minneapolis)

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