River City Meander~Rings Music Videos

In the spring of 2021 Bells of the Bluffs decided to embark on a unique project.  We decided to create some music videos!   Four handbell pieces you see below were learned.  We worked with our production company to find proper places to video and set the dates.  The first job to be completed was a recording day to put down audio tracks of each piece.  After that we video recorded at each place….dealing with weather, moving equipment, gaining permission from each venue and ourselves!  We finally completed our project and waited for the finished product which we received in June, 2022.  Various obstacle got in the way, but we are excited to show you our finished products.  Feel free to leave comments at the bottom of this page.

One important goal of this project was to exemplify the beauty and diversity of Red Wing.  We feel we accomplished this to a small degree of showing a bit of a beautiful river town.

Peal Con Brio was memorized by the group.  On a beautiful Saturday, we took our bells and walked between 5 churches in Red Wing.  After gaining permission from the churches we went to Christ Episcopal Church, First Lutheran Church, St. Paul’s Lutheran Church,  United Lutheran Church, and United Methodist Church.  The picture of First Lutheran at the end of the video is home base for Bells of the Bluffs.  We are very thankful to them for use of bells and to carry out our vision “Igniting Passion for Handbells”.

The beautiful and unique St. James Hotel is the location of Ring Zing Swing.   Our production company created a fun video from beginning to end.  The beginning and ending setting is set in an old movie video style (note the beginning count down).  The first part is in black and white old fashioned looking and then goes to color in one of the main rooms where we see some visitors enjoying our performance.  The ending again goes back to old fashioned.  Enjoy.

The Greatest Show was videoed at the Bandshell in Central Park, Red Wing.  Here concerts are presented each summer while people gather in the beautiful park to enjoy the music.  We presented a concert here of June, 2021.  We hope to do another one in 2023.

The Robert E. Lee was recorded at the riverfront in Red Wing.  It is a beautiful site. Other small takes were done at the large mural in downtown Red Wing.

 I really enjoyed watching and listening to the recordings you made last summer.  They were outstanding!  They showed a huge amount of creativity and hard work. The wait was worth it.  Thanks for sharing it with all of us.  Diane (a fan)

I can’t believe how beautiful and enjoyable the video’s are.  I am impressed with how much went into all the planning and work to coordinate everyone and everything for your performances.  Truly a work of art.  You must be very proud.    Connie” (a fan)

Thank you to the composers who arranged this great music.

Peal Con Brio by Karen Thompson

Ring Zing Swing by John Behnke

The Greatest Show by Michael Glasgow and Nick Hanson

Robert E. Lee Arranged by William Mathis

Thank you to Wings Foundation of Red Wing for your generous support of this project.

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  1. Wonderful fun watching these! Thank you!

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