About Us


Full Cast Picture of all of us at our Sunday, May 5 concert in Hastings.

Brittany Behny, flute; Aiden Endress, drums:  Jeanne Folstad, announcer;

George Snyder, Bass Guitar;  Todd Wedekind, trumpet


Bells of the Bluffs handbell ensemble is devoted to sharing our passion for handbells with people of all ages. Our ringers come from communities throughout southeastern Minnesota. We provide performance, workshop and audience participation experiences to help spread the joy of handbells. Since Bells of the Bluffs was founded in 2013, we have been building our skills as individuals and an ensemble with a broad range of music and helping other expand their ringing abilities and appreciation for handbell music.

Check out the concerts and Cumulative Repertoire we have performed since we began in 2013
Our Concert History

Cumulative Repertoire

Check out our Videos/Playlist page, watch us in action on YouTube follow us on Facebook, sign up to receive our newsletter and join us at one of our concerts

1 thought on “About Us

  1. Great website. Glory Deo Bells Vining Mn 56588. Checked you out on YounTube , you all are great handbell players.

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