Meet the Ringers


Michelle Baisley
Charter Member-6 years
I’ve played instruments (piano, French horn, percussion and handbells) for more than 40 years. As a member of a handbell choir, you have to learn to view the whole piece of music, but pick out your notes and know when to play them. This makes it very different from performing in any other musical group. I am glad that playing with Bells of the Bluffs proves I still have much to learn!


Tyler Behny
Member-3 years
I started playing handbells at Bethany Lutheran College and the Bethany Handbell Choir debuted my first handbell composition. I also sing and play several string and keyboard instruments. My wife, Brittany, graduated with me and is a wonderful singer and musician (just not handbells). Outside of music, I love to build and collect Lego trains and visit other countries.



Kay Carlson      
Charter Member-6 years
I’ve been a musician since first grade, so when First Lutheran started a bell choir, I knew I had to join! I never dreamed how challenging and fun it would be. Music has always been part of my life and my experience learning to play bells as an adult proves you can teach an old dog new tricks! I also have fun stamping. And I love spending my days with preschoolers and summer school kids.


Cynthia Clanton
Member-5 years
Handbells have been a great addition to my experience with organ, piano and wind instruments. Bells of the Bluffs has given me the joy of shared learning, growing friendships and making beautiful music together. In my free time, you will likely find me in the kitchen, reading a book or working on a project that involves stitching, sewing or beading – or all three!


Jean Fjelsted
Charter Member-6 years
I love the feel of the bell in my hand and the tone that it makes when I ring – whether it is a high, middle or low bell. I enjoy the music we make together. I frequently volunteer at my church and like to quilt, crochet and knit. When I’m not at church, you will find me walking somewhere in Red Wing, rain or shine.

                                                                  Robyn Keyport
                                                      Charter Member-6 years                                                                                                                    

    I have been ringing for about 15 years and love how it takes the whole choir to make it sound good, to jive! The sounds simple bells can make are so beautiful and diverse! Music has always been a passion of mine, including composing music. I also love being outdoors and silent sports (cross-country skiing, hiking, camping, canoeing, biking) – and spending time with my young granddaughter.



Joyce Koerner
Charter Member-6 years
As a youth, I always liked the bells at Christmas. I was excited when we got bells at United Lutheran Church and have played there for 16 years and now with Bells of the Bluffs. I also play with the choir at the Methodist church in Red Wing. I enjoy the variety of music and the challenging levels. I spend my days at the library. Ask me for book recommendations and about my cats and quilts!


 Tammy Moon
 Member- 2 years                                                                                                                                                                        I have been ringing handbells on and off for 25 years. Music was a big part of my life throughout high school and college, where I played trombone. I am excited to get back into music through the Bells of the Bluffs. I enjoy taking my dog on walks in the woods, reading a good book, and spending time with my husband and our two grown kids.


Chris Most
Charter Member-6 years
I started playing handbells at First Presbyterian Church in Hastings in 2006. I enjoy being a member of Bells of the Bluffs because I meet wonderful people and play challenging music. When I’m not ringing handbells, I enjoy spending time with my four grandchildren, reading, craft projects, gardening and biking

Joan Northouse
Member-3 years
Music and science have always been part of my life. The joy I experience from learning a new handbell piece is hard to put into words. I’m exploring my just-retired lifestyle, spending time with grandchildren, travel, reading, singing and quilting. I bleed maroon and gold and love marching bands!


Lee  Northouse
Member-2 years

During this season, Lee has been our Bell mover and shaker.  He loves to build things and has rebuilt our uniques pipes which are now called a Tubulum.  He has also served as our bell equipment hauler and has subbed in on bells as needed.  He and his wife are taking some time this year to travel.


 Kathy Olson
Charter Member-6 years
I always loved handbells and jumped at the chance to play when our church purchased bells, and have been playing ever since. Bells of the Bluffs provides an extra challenge, and it is fun to play a variety of music. I love how playing bells takes so much concentration; the rest of the world fades away. My husband recently retired and we are enjoying spoiling our first grandchild and doing more traveling.


Vicki Pavlish
Member – 1st Year
This is my first year as a regular ringer with Bells of the Bluffs,  but I have been ringing handbells for 24 years. Since retiring I have been enjoying our 2 grandsons more and taking them on camping trips. My hobbies include reading, flower gardening, and quilting. My golden girl (sewing machine) and I do several quilt weekends with my fellow stitching sisters.


Bells of the Bluffs Alumni
Mary Crawmer (Charter member)  2013-2015
Jill Fauchald (Charter member) 2013-2014
Mary Ellen Halverson (Charter member) 2013-2017
Scott Halverson (Charter member) 2013-2017

Lori Oleson (4 Years)  On leave of absence
Linda Plant (Cahrter Member) 2013-2017
Patty Robertson (2014-2015)

Substitute Ringers (Past and Present)
Danaca Carr
Kim Cory
Mary Ellen Halverson
Scott Halverson

Joan Northouse (2 Years) On leave of absence)
Lee Northouse (1 Year) On leave of absence                                                                                                                                                                           Lori Oleson (On Leave of Absence)
Patty Robertson
Peggy Thompson

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