BoB mob (fan club)


Do you love Bells of the Bluffs? 

Then become a member of the BoB mob

The BoB (Bells of the Bluffs) mob are our most treasured fans!  

Members are part of our team to help spread our passion for handbells!  The mob supports Bells of the Bluffs in a variety of ways to make things run more smoothly.  

Here are just some of the ways you can assist us in our mission:

Concert Announcer

*Announcer for concerts 
*Ushering at events
*Site coordinator at events
*Loading and/or unloading gear.  Handbell groups haul around a LOT of gear.  Be on a list of people to contact should we need additional “muscle” for loading and unloading.
*Grant-writing.  Bells of the Bluffs is now a non-profit organization and will need people who are experienced at writing grants to help us find and write grants.
*Finding new venues
*Sound technicians
*Be a part of Bob mob by loving and supporting us by enjoying our music and encouraging us in our mission of Igniting Passion for Handbells.

If you would like to be more involved, let us know what you are interested in and become part of our team, the BoB mob!  Just send us an email at to get started!  And thank you for sharing our passion for handbells with us!


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